Saturday, 3 March 2012

Transporting The El-Gin Marbles (3)

The Treborian Hussars charge the Fetaland cavalry but are repulsed and retreat into the Mounted Constabulary .

The Treborian Dragoons dismount and defend the steam waggons (they succeed in bringing down the Black Hand standard bearer)

The Treborians reorganise and Inspector Zapp moves the Constabulary to attack the Black Hand unit in the village.

With the Black Hand fire striking the steam carriage the party dismounts and takes cover - Polly becomes somewhat distressed !.

A chance card is drawn giving the Treborians a morale boost.

The Treborian Hussars of Excellence charge and destroy the Fetaland cavalry.

Inspector Zapp leads the Constabulary and drive the Black Hand out of the village.

An unlucky shot hits the steam waggon and it catches fire ! (A 1 on a D6 was needed each move per waggon to catch  fire)

H.G. Wells rushes to organise the Dragoons in putting out the fire .

The Garibaldi Volunteers open fire and rout the Treborian cavalry .

The fire spreads dispite the efforts of the defenders.

The Steam Carriage is hit and catches fire forcing Orsen Wells and Polly to flee .

The game ends with 2 of the steam convoy on fire and the Treborians retreating towards the ruined tower , what is the fate of the ancient El-Gin Marbles ? ! (click on photos to enlarge)


  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!

    (but very enjoyable. Did I mention how much I like the steam tractor?)

  2. I can't wait for the next instalment.

  3. Things are heating up just the way I personally like it !!!

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