Thursday, 16 May 2013

Legion Britannique.

Been puzzling what to do with the some of the molds I have accumulated over the last year or so . Many where bought off EBay in various lots and I have not got around to using some of them , because of the poses of many the figures . I have been toying with the idea of doing some 40mm skirmishes and these more 'individual' figures will be ideal for it .
I searched about for a suitably colourful unit to paint  and came up with the 3rd Battalion Legion Britannique  a Hanoverian regiment made up of deserters and foreigners .
I have got about 30 of them done now so after my holiday - which I hope will take place next week I should be ready for a game.


  1. A great looking unit full of character...

  2. Indeed, I like the stubble on the chins, what a parcel of tatterdemalions.

  3. nice looking unit;

    Each batallion of the LB also had a dragoon squadron - might be nice to add that too

    -- Allan

  4. You painted them in a real 3D-effect - that gives more depth to the semi-flat figures. That looks so great, I am hanging on your pictures staring at them full of adoration! A fine, powerful unit!