Sunday, 12 May 2013

Saxon Hussars

Several months ago I purchased off EBay some ready cast 40mm Hussars and since then have been pondering which unit to repaint them up as .

I have been thinking of doing a Saxon contingent for French and looking on
I was annoyed to find that the Saxon's did not have any Hussars at this time ! , some what miffed I investigated further and was elated to find that the Saxon Corp that was attached to the French had a Frei Hussar regiment -
Brilliant ! could have been designed for the wargaming table ! Frei Husaren Von Schill
What's more the figures have the Pelisse slung over the shoulder so I get to paint the yellow Dolman as well ! - how often do you get to use yellow paint on wargaming figures !. All I  have to do now is base , spray and start painting - can't wait !


  1. Great figures-I look forward to seeing them finished.

  2. Ditto the Duke above. They will look great.

  3. Will look nice when done; have used same uniform for some 28mm chaps for my wittenberg army

    -- Allan

  4. The Saxon hussars were mostly composed by Polish troups and had this particular look. A seldom and beautiful regiment you did, great! I hope the will be successful in the next battle!