Thursday, 13 June 2013

More Civilians.

Have got some more of the 40mm Sash & Sabre civilian figures done , had problems with the Internet hence the delay in posting . Above a farmer and family , these figures are very 'chunky' , must be a prosperous farmer !.
The Landlord of the Inn , wife and servant.
'Mother Ross' sutleress and pack mule full of goodies . The coat was added using 'green stuff'.
Barry Lyndon (or at least my interpretation of him) , I must admit I'm not that impressed with these figures very 'heavy' and being from the AWI  range there are no 'Upper Crust' figures - but beggars must not be choosers as there are not that many civilians in this scale out there.


  1. Nice addtions to your civilians for 18C; some of the S&S figs are niceely posed - others however are more action posed and their leaning over look is not to my taste.

    Other possibilities are:
    Eureka 40mm '...And One For All' range
    Madam Bonanceiux (Constance)
    M. Bonanceiux
    Serving Wench with two full jugs
    Serving Wench with full tray

    Trident Designs Villagers :

    Some usable figures in Peipp Minaituren's 40mm European 13C range; (also possible posh types in their 45mm 1730 range however these are large 45mm and don't really mix with Prince August size)

    Drabant Miniatures (on Old Glory UK website);
    some foot officers from WSS range could be painted as posh types (for example DM1006 COLONEL DUTCH GUARD, 1701)
    check other ranges GNW range has this nice chap DM1204 OFFICER OF ARTILLERY, 1709

    Otherwise Only recourse is to convert figures.

    -- Allan

  2. Thanks for the list - will look into these ranges

  3. Very nice minis of civilians!