Friday, 21 June 2013

Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde

When I saw this illustration I just knew which unit I was going to cast up next - red coats , yellow facings and everybody gets to wear mitre caps !
I have got the first of three companies done using some moulds that never seem to get used much. The are all Prussian ones from the later Prince August range.
They are a much rounder casting than usual from P.A.  (except the drummer for some reason !?)
I have decided to use these more dramatically posed figures for the command to make a change.


  1. Always meant to do these. Now I can cross 'em off my todo list and just enjoy looking at yours because they look darned good!

    1. Was thumbing through the 'Wargames Companion' by Charles Grant and noticed he had this unit as well

  2. Nice work on the grenadiers.

    -- Allan