Sunday, 17 February 2013

Patio Wars - Reconnaisannce .

Encouraged by the Spring like weather General in Command of 'Red Army' R.Crawley ('Creepy' to his men !) rides out with a small escort of Hussars to reconnoitre the ground for the big push which he has been planning over winter.
They pause to view the land in the cover of Spring foliage .
But suddenly they spot the enemy ! - Uhlans ! and the enemy spots them !
As the lancers form line - the General decides discretion is the better part of valour and retires. I have not done any work on my 54mm Funny Little Wars figures for quite a while but like General Crawley perhaps the better weather will inspire me into casting up more reinforcements ready for the Spring campaign.
Meanwhile in Nova Scotia a similar patrol sets out but in slightly different weather ! - Photo care of Ross Macfarlane -


  1. Nice figures and pictures here!

  2. A splendid Spring day for a recce...

  3. Mosstrooper

    Lovely pictures, but I could cheerfully strangle you over your talk of spring. We're still deep in winter and I spent yesterday shovelling a foot or two of snow off of my roof.

    Enjoy the outdoors!


    1. I fear I maybe a little hopeful on the subject of Spring !

  4. Looks very promising the troops look spendid and ready for action.

    I sent out a patrol of lancers here . Not quite so good.