Tuesday 27 November 2012

Another Artillery Limber And Team

Having cast up and painted a limber and team for the French several weeks ago I thought it was time the Allies got one as well.
This gun is manned by Scheither's Frei Korps and there seems to be no information on the gun and limber carriage colour - so I decided to paint them a dark red.
To get the wheels to cast right I have had to do extensive work on the mold, drilling air holes were the spokes are as these frequently miscast.


  1. I uses to make this set and repaint them as Revolutionary War. (A stretch) I'd sell them in gift shops mounted on wooden boards as you have.

    I really like yours.

  2. Nice Work, ...yes those spokes are a real pain...I'm finding sections of round toothpicks do good service as replacements.