Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Print Above My Table

In the comments of my last post Ross Mac enquired about the print that hangs on the wall above my wargaming table .
Not very good photos I'm afraid , its a old print I bought about 30 odd years ago from a local 'junk' shop .
It is I think by Caton Woodville (?) and I think came from a magazine as it has staple marks in the centre - it was not framed when I bought it . The title is about the defeat of the Prussian Guards at Ypres in 1914 . Must admit it's one of my favorite pictures on my wargaming rooms walls.


  1. A marvelous old print. I think it was the tail end of the German greatcoats that had me thinking Russian. My grandfather was one of those who went through 4 years in France and came home still loving his toy soldiers and still approving of the spirit of this sort of print and passed that on.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  2. The Generation of 1914 - unique, I suspect. Ross is probably correct in that many of that cohort stuck by the idealism that animated them. My grandfather knocked 10 years off his age in 1915, became a Kingsman (old 8th Foot - helped saved Canada from the Yankee) and came home in 1919. He still wanted to have a crack at the Germans in 1939 (aged 59). Show us some more of your wall hangings!