Monday, 5 November 2012

Operation 'Old School' (Part Two)

Three coats of paint later the board is finished ! . See the miniature 'Old School' landscape above. (note to self the back wall needs touching up as I have managed to get green paint on it )
Travelling through it is a Squadron of newly painted Prussian Hussar Regt. No. 5 Von Reusch's 'Black Hussars'- probably up to no good !.
The basic trooper is a very old Prince August mold - a bit rough but lots of character. I think the board looks okay and am look forward to using it in a 'OS' role. It reminds me of the first wargaming table I had 40+ years ago which had to be painted using some dark green blackboard paint (?), in those days I used to paint roads straight onto the board and paint over it when I wanted a new set up. I am going to get 'S' of S&A  Scenics ( to cut me a few more small hills to be used as upper contours .  The dilemma is now which 'OS' game to play first ?.


  1. I like the 'look' of your recently painted tabletop; very 'Old School' and totally in keeping with the hills, the building, and the figures.

    I know that some people want an ultra-realistic terrain (a railway layout withut the trains!) but this 'Old School' look appeals to me ... and I may well be going down a similar route for the tabletop I am thinking of creating for my Big Board Portable Wargame.

    All the best,


  2. The table looks great, sir. The hills the same color works very well.

    As for rules, it seems to me that those black hussars must be on the way to either a "Charge!" game or a "War Game" one (i.e., the Grant rules).

    -- Jeff

  3. Very nice Sir. I really do like the old school look when done right and you've certainly done it right! Excellent.

  4. A perfect old school battlefield, well done.

  5. Thanks for the comments - now begins the task of slowly repainting my OS figure bases to match.

  6. Lovely set-up .I can't wait to see it in action...

  7. I was going to write in to add my accolades on how well the revised table and hills look and how at home the Hussars appear, but then my eye got caught by the print above the table edge. I can't quite make it out even when I blow the image up but something whispers "Alma"...? Might we have a look at some point. Really have to get some prints up on my walls.

  8. That is just the ticket. Looking good.