Saturday, 2 April 2011

British Envoy captured (2)

While S's cavalry were sweeping around to the rear the lead Treborian infantry were in trouble , taking heavy casualties from rifle fire , S finally landed a shell (matchstick) directly in the centre of the unit, taking 6 figures out at once ! . they fell back but were rallied by the force CinC . S's infantry also fell back and also were rallied . The Cavalry now attacked the rear Treborian infantry and caught them trying to maneuver into a firing position and in the following melee the infantry lost half their figures ! , this combined with the rifle fire of a newly arrived Ferraro Roccaian infantry unit caused them to rout . Oh dear ! things are looking grim for the convoy . The arrival of the Treborian reinforcements looked like it might save the situation , but this was countered by the arrival of the Black Hand unit . The Treborian artillery unlimbered and started shelling the Black Hand , a lucky shot rebounding off S's tea mug and landed in the centre of them , S's protested this , but the rules used say were a matchstick finaly lands is were the damage is done! . Don't leave detritus on the table!.The Treborian Hussars charged the FR artillery and although taking casualties they overran the gun
However this was to late for the British Envoy , with his Infantry escort in retreat he was captured by  the Ferraro Roccaian infantry
What will the dastardly Ferraro Roccaians do with him ? . We await the next chapter with baited breath !.

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