Thursday, 21 April 2011

The British Legione

British Legione inspected by Archduke Albert
The Treborian High Command has decided to raise a Auxiliary force to help fight Ferraro Rocca . They have recruited a Legion of British ex servicemen . Unfortunately the quality of some of the recruits lack some of the more soldiery qualities , the Quartermasters department got a good deal on some ex British uniforms - sadly these are somewhat out of date (about 50 years) (no wonder they were cheap !). It remains to see how these brave chaps will fare against the enemy . The Archduke Albert was overheard to comment 'I hope they frighten the enemy - because they certainly  perturb me !' .


  1. A great (and entirely convincing...) back story!

  2. The great thing about 'Imaginations'is that if you like a figure (as I did with the Crimean Guardsman ) all you have to do is invent a reason for using it !.