Sunday, 3 April 2011

Battle for the Pomemben Bridge (1)

Trying something different this time with my latest battle report , will take a photo each move to record what is happening on the table (hopefully a picture being worth a thousand words) . The armies of the two warring nations - Treboria and Ferraro Rocca are advancing to capture the important Pomemben Bridge , this is a scenario take from the Grant/Asquith  book 'Scenarios for all Ages' - The Important Bridge ! . The armies are about equal strengths and this is the first time ALL my painted figures have been used !

Move One
The armies start to move onto the table Ferraro Roccains nearest the camera , King Paul II commanding on the hill on the right . The Treborians move on the road to the left and the cavalry on the far edge of the table, (forces and entry locations where decided by dice rolls . A further FR force will appear on the road at the right of the table but has been delayed 4 moves). Archduke Albert of Treboria is commanding and situated on a hill on the left .

move two
More troops enter the game , Treborian cavalry move to secure the bridge and their infantry deploy to respond to the flank threat of the FR cavalry . The gun deploys - fires !- and misses ! (the matchbox holds the guns ammo - how appropriate )


  1. great set up.I look forward to seeing more of the game...

  2. Sounds like your gunnery is as bad as mine! Look forward to reading more.