Monday, 4 April 2011

Battle for the Pomemben Bridge (2)

Move 3    
More FR  infantry arrive , the gun switches target and misses the Treborian Hussars (match can be seen beside them - close but no casualties ) . The Treborian Heavy Artillery move up the road drawn by a steam tractor
Move 4
The FR gun limbers and moves to the hill for a better field of fire , the cavalry dismount and move into the farm yard . The Haribo Lancers arrive and confront the Treborian Hussars . The FR  Armoured Car  arrives on the road and moves towards the bridge . The Treborian  Reserve Regt moves over the bridge with the heavy artillery behind it , on the top right the gun deploys - shoots - and misses ! (something wrong with my aim this game !). The Dragoons dismount and move into the wood , behind them a infantry unit deploys

The Cavalry face off


  1. Another ripping yarn for us to enjoy!

    Your artillery looks just right with the 42mm figures ... and I am very, very tempted!

    All the best,


  2. They are VERY addictive ! . I do a basic paint job and lots of yacht varnish

  3. Just great...I'm envious of your Merit trees. I'm also a big fan of those big guys.

  4. Merit trees came off Ebay , they seem to appear on there quite often and not badly priced either