Saturday, 9 July 2011

Old Timer

Found this figure at a Car Boot sale last weekend in a box of toys, got it for 50p . The chap said it was plastic -BUT- in fact its a old hollow cast Britains , you can see the hole in the top of the Bearskin , think its's been repainted and was a bit knocked about . Have touched up the paint , based it and given it a coat of varnish . Will be a Officer in Army 'Red' , nice to have a figure in the army that dates from the era of H .G. Wells .


  1. What a brilliant find, he looks really nice restored to his former glory.

  2. Well done - good to see an old campaigner back in the saddle.

  3. What a splendid find!! A looking excellent after some TLC...
    A fitting fellow for the army and I like the bit about him being from H G Well's time...
    best wishes
    p.s agree with yu re P&S rules I too have been questing for a good set for ages- did Gush, tried DBR, used 1644 and GW type rules but still looking................