Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Army 'Black' Command group

Here is my 'Black' Army High Command - from left to right , Sergeant Major a standard standing body and arms -head added plus 'Iron Cross' medal . General- standing body and arms added medals ,epaulets ,sash, moustache,monocle and medals added with 'green stuff' .Aide - standing body with rifle arm with rifle removed and dispatch paper added , sword and sabatache added .

Casting is getting easier and faster as I become more competent , the temperature of the metal is critical to get it to fill the mold completely (like the 3 bears porridge - not to hot not to cold - JUST right !) . Some molds are easier than others to cast , playing with  mounted Hussar moulds at the moment and getting the horse to cast is a swine - but practise makes perfect ! .


  1. By gum, they're great, you're knocking them out at a hell of a rate too.

  2. Think I've got the casting thing sorted - little and often being the thing !