Friday, 22 July 2011


Several weeks ago - when we still had a summer I did some painting outside , 28mm Foundry Napoleonic Bavarian artillery - been pondering how to base them as I use several sets of rules for this period and some of them need single figure mounting . I am a regular user of and asked if they could do me some artillery bases for guns and crewmen which are mounted on 1p size discs . Illustrated above is the finished product , excellent !. May try to prepare some figures 'al fresco' this afternoon - BUT  will be wearing a pullover and there is no need for a sun shade !!!. 


  1. I too am a regular user of their excellent bases and cannot reccomend them and the super service highly enough...
    p.s like the figues and interesting base

  2. They look superb. What dimensions did you use?

  3. 100mm X 70mm although I think Warbases will make them to the individuals own size as needed.