Tuesday, 26 July 2011

EBay bargins

Found these on EBay , think they are Prince August home-casts at a very reasonable price of £10 .With only minor painting and a coat of varnish they look okay .

The piper is a separate purchase and is a old hollow cast Britains and had very little paint left on it - obviously had a very active career , so I have repainted him to match the rest of the unit.

Now I need to keep my eyes open for a Officer figure !. With all these extra figures the 'Black' army is badly outnumbered so I must get casting some more troops for them .


  1. A terrifying vision of kilts and giant hats! I trust they will see good service.

  2. Weather and time permitting I hope to have a small game with them in the back garden soon .

  3. Go Outdoors, Mosstrooper, Go Outdoors...