Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back to 42mm

Aware that there has not been much about my 42mm Irregular armies recently . True most of my posts have been about the 54mm I have been casting up, but behind the scenes I have been busy painting up another Balkans Imagi-nation .

The first infantry unit of Fetaland - a country based on  Greece and its army circa 1880-1900 . Must admit the name took some thinking up , I'd run out of sweet names that sound like nations ( well at least to me !) and Greece isn't renowned for confectionery (as far as I know) .

The Fetaland army alarmed by the conflict in neighbouring Treboria/Ferraro Rocca has take delivery of some ex French Mitrailleuse to boost their firepower , here seen on maneuvers .

Here we see the Fetaland CinC General Stavros Flatly and staff

Who will Fetaland ally itself to ? afraid I have not worked that out yet , will have to get more figures painted before they can take part in the conflict .


  1. Lovely figurea- can't wait to see them on the table in action...
    best wishes

  2. I see Stavros has a dancing horse - does he cut the rug himself at all?