Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Next French Regiment.

Been putting a lot of thought as to which French infantry unit to do next . I was loath to do another white coated one and thought maybe one of the numerous 'Foriegn' regiments . Finally decided on the Swiss regiment 'De Castellas' .
I then had to decide which figure I would be using for the rank and file. Several months ago I purchased a lot of ready cast up figures off Ebay , these were rather rough and my first thought was to melt them down for the metal as the mold I think is one of the older Holger Erickson ones and rather plain , also they have a high lead content and have not held much surface details when cast. But there was the fact that I had about 40 + ready cast up figures on hand and so I decided to paint up a few to see how they looked , I'm glad I did because they seem to have a charm all of their own - so here is the first company of the Swiss Regt. 'De Castellas'.


  1. Those little guys look so good in glosey paint. Great job!

    1. a good coat of gloss varnish does help

    2. I used to paint them in Testor's gloss. Recently I painted a few in acrylic and sprayed them glossy to sell in a local gift shop.

  2. A good looking bunch!

    I quite like the old HE molds, the poses are only slightly different from the newer versions but they seem to have just that little extra bit of life to them. They do tend to look best with that OS gloss look though.

  3. This is a beautiful Regiment, again, indeed! I like the colours of the Swiss Regiments very much, not easy to mix, but you got it marvellously!