Sunday 16 December 2012

An Indulgence.

One of the things about home-casting is that you are free to indulge in the little quirky things that you would not be bothered with if you were purchasing the figures. I like having dismounted versions of my Generals or personalities, this allows for horses being shot from under them, or leading glorious charges on foot . So when Prince August had a sale on molds I bought a couple of ones that I might not have done otherwise - a standing officer and a trumpeter.
Col. Scheither commander of the Frei Korp , I used a Prussian officer mold that looks suitably dashing ! ( although Scheithers performance on the table top of late has been anything but ! )
The Allied commander Brig. General H. Von Karlsberg. ( using one of my new molds for the dismounted version )
The French commander Le Comte De Fru Fru .
The other mold I bought was a total indulgence, I have been annoyed by the fact that my two Lt Infantry units have had to have drummers as musicians - this did not seem right so I got the above mold and replaced the drummers with more appropriate trumpeters . On the left  the trumpeter of the Chasseurs De Sombreuil and the right Scheither's Jaeger Company.


  1. Wonderful! Very impressive - I'm getting awfully jealous that such things are not quite as easy with plastics.

  2. Today I was in the same situation - casting old PA-moulds and had a lot of mistakes....
    You give them an distinctive character, indeed! Great pleasure to see that.

  3. Lovely figures- your indulgence has been a feast for our eyes!

  4. Those stout fellows are great even on foot!