Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Lucky Find.

Today the postman staggered up the path carrying a parcel for me . I regularly scan EBay for likely figures and molds and was lucky enough to get the above at a reasonable price. They are Hussar castings in 54mm from the Prince August 'toy soldier' range . I already have the mold but lack of suitable metal has prevented me from casting more up - they take a LOT  of metal !. So suitably repainted these will allow me to add two cavalrymen to my 'Red' Army Hussar unit, so finishing it and do a Hussar unit for 'Black' Army (Deaths Head Hussars ?) there being 6 figures to each unit. My 'Funny Little Wars' armies have not seen any action of late - lack off 54mm scenery for indoor games and a VERY  wet summer have been responsible , so these figures will hopefully  inspire me to renewed efforts.

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