Monday, 30 July 2012

Scheither's Freikorps

One of the problems with buying job lots of molds off EBay is that you sometime end up with molds you would not have chosen to buy yourself. I'm not a great fan of figures firing , I much prefer advancing or marching figures as these look better in most situations . So when I  got a mold with a kneeling and standing firing figure  I wondered what to do with them .

Whist perusing Osprey's 'Frederick the Greats Allies' I came across Scheither's Freikorps which had mounted Carabiniers , Grenadiers, Jaegers and Artillery - a sort of mini army . I decided to use the firing figures as the Jaeger company .

I am planning to add a gun and crew and maybe the Carabiniers but at the moment the camping gas cylinder has run out so further casting is being held up till a new one can be purchased.


  1. Quite agree on the firing pose issue - they always end up appearing to shoot their own side. So, good idea to go for light bobs skirmishing. Nicely painted too!

  2. Nice jagers,

    I used the firing poses for jagers too, mixed with some advancing and loading poses.

    -- Allan