Saturday, 7 July 2012

The (Wargaming) Good Life.

I think it was Jerome K Jerome that said 'to be truly idle a man needs lots not to do ' or something like that . Whilst my good neighbours have been hard at work in the surrounding gardens or washing their cars , I have been casting up some gun crew and potential Jaegers ( a good name for a regiment of Light Infantry - His Majesties Potential Jeager Korp) cleaning them up , assembling and basing them . Whilst taking a modest repaste and well earned rest from my labours I fell to thinking about how home casting figures is as near to wargaming self-sufficiency as you can get - recycling old unwanted figures (and peraphs some newer ill advised buys) and turning them into shiny new toys . The only down side of this is that it does not involve Felicity Kendal (winsome cutie of the BBCs 'Good Life' sit-com), peraphs just as well really - doubt my better half would understand her presence - 'she's only here to paint up these Prussian Grenadiers dear'. Would like to be able to say that the above scones and strawberry jam were homemade the theme being self-sufficiency - but unfortunately not !

And not forgeting -

Well I could not mention her and not include a photo could I ......


  1. I think of that show every time we talk about adding a milk goat or some chickens to our menagerie or feast on homegrown goodies.

  2. A fine post sir. Am just heading off to the allotment , so shall toil the harder now. Can't think why people wash cars at all really.