Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Surprise Attack (Parte 2)

The French force comes under fire from the Allied gun as they move forward to attack.

The French Chasseurs open a lively fire against the gun crew .

Major Shandy organises the defence .

The 18th open fire on the French Hussars , as the French Chasseurs take cover behind the earthworks .

The French Hussars try to charge but suffer heavy casualties and rout from the melee. (lesson learnt - don't charge formed infantry frontally !)

The Chasseurs drive off the gunners !.

And then move forward to capture the gun !

They capture it ! , but the 18th charge them ! ( colour problems on this photo - due to sunshine streaming through the window !).

The Saxon LiebGrenadierGarde deploy ready to attack in support .

The infantry forces exchange volleys , and the French deployment becomes somewhat jumbled as the cavalry seeks to move around the flank .

The Irish drive off the Chasseurs and recapture the gun !.

Then reinforcements start to arrive ! . Too be continued .....


  1. Never charge infantry that has not used its first fire bonus. Wait until you have whittled a few of them down and then charge with your cuirassiers. Armored cavalry are hard to kill with musketry because they Save on anything but a One or a Two.


    1. Yes I agree - playing it solo and got carried away with the action !

  2. The game is developing nicely - (woof !)

    -- Allan

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