Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fresh Fields.

I found some brown corduroy in the cupboard that I had put there 'as it might be useful' (I believe  it came from a sadly lamented jacket of mine) and thought I could make some ploughed fields out of it . I used some thin mdf for the bases and edged it with Basetex plus a few added stones.

And in the great tradition of 'Blue Peter'* here's one I made earlier .

Not sure what has been planted in the field  but it doesn't look well or maybe it's weeds . I'm quite pleased with my efforts as making scenery does not come easy to me !. 
* a BBC TV children's program where they made things from egg cartons and toilet rolls.  


  1. Very nice fields. I fondly remember a Blue Peter annual that showed how to craft WWI tanks out of match books.

  2. Very nice fields. Corduroy jacket eh? Snappy.

  3. I have a little stock pile of corduroy piled away in a corner for just such an event.

    I doubt mine will look half as well.