Sunday, 26 January 2014

Oops ! I Got It Wrong !

Confession I'm told is good for the soul - so I must admit I've got the uniform for the above Schuamburg - Lippe- Buckeberg artillery wrong ! - there I feel better for that already !. The source I used was from the Partizan Press SYW  book and they quote Knotel giving the coat colour as light blue . However I was looking at the Seven Years War Project site and he says dark blue and Knotel got it wrong and its a common mistake - Oh Dear !. I've decided to leave them as they are as a example of my fallibility and THEY LOOK NICER as they are ! after all It's my army so there !


  1. In the same way Bavarians look nicer in sky blue than in the Savoy blue now generally given to them. Then one has just to create the Imagi-Nation of Blauvaria for therm :=)

  2. And with all those intervening years, how are we to know that the dark blue they are described as having wasn't in fact the light blue shade you have used?

    1. very true , exact colour dye is a modern invention .

  3. No need to justify it, they look great and light blue is a far more interesting uniform colour.