Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blasthof Bridge Revisited .

There are certain iconic wargaming battles that have stood the test of time and are dear to the heart of most O.S. wargamers , Featherstone's 'Plattville Valley' , Grant's 'The Waggon Train' or 'Sawmill Village'. Ranking with these must also be 'Blasthof Bridge' from 'Charge' by Brig Young and Lt Col Lawford , whilst musing on these battles I realised that I had never played Blasthof bridge , so I thought I had better rectify this using my 40mm homecast SYW figures.

The battlefield set up with the bridge , Blasthof  Farm and the berg .
The armies set up - the Imperial Army nearest the camera , the Electoral Army in the distance.
The Imperial Army set up as the book - 16 cavalry, 32 infantry and 2 guns and crews.
The Electoral Army of 12 cavalry , 40 infantry and 2 guns and crews .Well that's the game set up and I am looking forward to refighting this classic battle .


  1. Have a great game Tony and I look forward to seeing it unfold...

  2. Are you going to follow the opening moves from the book . . . or try something different?

    In either case, I too look forward to following your game.

    -- Jeff

    1. Was thinking of following the initial moves as per the book then see what happens.

  3. A classic indeed! and just the right sort of lads to fight it. Never had a duff run through of Blasthof.

  4. Can't wait to see how your game plays out!

    Best Regards,