Sunday, 4 September 2011

54mm Game -Edwardian Splendour.

Played this game using a set of rules I got off the Internet called 'Edwardian Splendour' , I  diced for the entry positions of the opposing armies - the object of the game being the capture of the house in the centre of the table.

The 'Red' army set off across a broad front , with the cavalry making a flank attack.

The Highlanders moved swiftly down the road but took casualties from the 'Black' army unit deployed across the road.

The 'Black' army moves forward toward the objective.

The Highlanders deploy into open order and deliver heavy casualties to the 'Black' unit opposing it - who fail their morale test and are removed from play.

The 'Red' army race for the house and the Rifle Volunteers open fire on the enemy.

Its neck and neck as the 'Red and 'Black' units race for the objective.

The 'Black' infantry unit charge the 'Red' infantry and loose the melee disasterously ! - fail their morale test and break . With their 2nd infantry unit gone and 'Red' armies cavalry bearing down on the flank the 'Black' army General signals the army to retire . 'Red' army are victorious ! and hold the objective. The 'Black' army had problems from the start and sent their gun on a flank march around 'Red' armies left - when it finaly got into position - there where no targets ! ( the Highlanders having moved swiftly forward ) , so this valuable unit was wasted . With so few units on the table it was always going to be a quick game and unfortunatly 'Black' army had to take and failed 2 morale tests , which sealed their fate . Although a small game it was exciting and the rules worked well . So I now need to get casting up more figures for the next game.


  1. What a brilliant looking game.
    Very inspiring,I might try out those rules myself although I did nick parts of them for my own rules.
    Your table looks great,I reckon your cat thinks so too,the marching soldiers look spot on.
    Well done,

  2. Great looking set up - and I like the figures. Might have to try casting some of these fellas myself.