Sunday 25 September 2011

Fetaland Strikes Back !. (1)

Dawn and the small Treborian border town of Selenci awakes.

The crossroads North of the town is guarded by a small unit of Reserve Infantry .

 At the nearby shrine of Saint Agatha peasants start to go about their business.

As the morning mists lifts it reveals a Fetaland raiding force bent on revenge !.

To the North a Infantry force under Major Kaffca .

Too the East a mixed force under General Stravros Flatterly.

The forces converge on the crossroads , the Elite Evazones lead the way !.

The Evazones attack under heavy fire and suffer casualties - but overrun the the defences slaughtering the Reservists.

The Treborians get their revenge, as the Fetaland Green Hussars charge the village they are met with crushing rifle fire and a counter attack by the remaining Reservists under Major Balzak destroys them.
Too be continued.....

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