Saturday, 25 June 2011

More civilians and 54mm Gunners

Several posts ago Ross Mac alerted me to the 40mm civilian figures produced by A.C. Stadden , I found the website and was amazed at the variety of figures he does . Mainly aimed at the model railway market he also does a marvelous selection of Victorian/Edwardian personalities , from Charles Dickens to Winston Churchill . I sent for a small selection as above - Oscar Wilde, Sir John Betjeman, an Edwardian lady and Edward Elgar . Quite a mix, but will be appearing in later blogs - peraphs even as themselves !.

Been messing around with my molds and by mixing arms,bodies and heads you can come up with lots of different figures. These are my first attempt at the 'Red' army gunners .

Think their officer will have to get them painting the gun , it looks a bit scabby!.

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