Friday, 17 June 2011

The Dreaded Hun

Here is the first prototype for the basic infantryman for Army 'Black' . I added a Irregular 54mm head to the Toy Soldier marching figure , suggested jackboots with a file and tidied up the neck with greenstuff. I think the resultant figure is different enough from the 'Red' army figure to work . Looks like Irregular are going to get more orders for heads !.


  1. Another excellent step forward ...
    Works well indeed!
    p.s i have really enjoyed your civilians of late keep up the good work...

  2. Think he will be better painted , but should look the part .

  3. Interesting choice, should work.

    I have seen a very attractive Blue Army painted up from these figures based on 1900 US dress uniforms with dark blue tunic, light blue pants and spiked helmet. (and that colour combo with a bearskin brings the Danish guard to mind)

    Another thought that I had is that in LitteWars HG Wells's Blue Army seems to be contain a lot of Khaki clad toys. I was thinking that by popping the sun helmet head on these , something might be done.

    Endless possibilities.

  4. Excellent blog!!!! ....takes me back. I just about remember when nearly all toy soldiers were like this and made of metal and lead painted...the wargames no more complicated than HG wells intended...then came the mass produced Airfix (etc) 54mm plastics and my head was turned, then came the even cheaper 1/72nd sets, my used and battered copy of Little wars lent out and then lost.
    memories!! :-D

  5. Good Lord! The vile and evil hun!