Thursday, 1 May 2014

From One Extreme To The Other.

Think this may be a symptom of my mid-life crisis - 10mm American War of Independence , Hodge the cat looks on in disbelief . They are by Kallistra and very cute ! , I bought a few packets at the Reading show and have been playing around how best to paint them . I finally decided to spray them black and just pick out the colours as highlights and a coat of matt varnish . This will be a loooong term project as I have to be in the right humour to paint them . I am thinking probably Black Powder for the rules - sorry for the rather out of focus photos .


  1. They look good to me. Your painting technique is a success, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. I'm hoping to try a painting technique like this on some 10mm and some 15mm figures I have in my lead pile.

    Any chance of a photo-walkthrough of your method before I start?

  3. Those are 10s? Excellent work :)

  4. Great painting....... they are jolly small aren't they?

    1. They are indeed ! - a bit of a challenge

  5. What a remarkable blog.... utterly inspiring.

    I shall visit back here often from now on :))

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