Monday, 9 December 2013

Tools Of The Trade.

I was passing a Charity shop today and happened to notice in the window a 'Dice Tray', I've been after on of these for ages and at £5 (with dice) I thought a snip !. We've all done it - rolled the dice and one always rolls on the floor and disappears from sight and requires about 10 minutes on your knees trying to find it ! - no more !, all dice will now be rolled in the official house dice tray !. Also in this photo are my leather dice cup - which I believe was designed to hold a wine bottle (!?) and an ancient ruler which I got given free at a Northern Militaire Wargaming Show about 20 + years ago (It's 15 years at least since it's demise as a show ) and has outlasted several extendable tapes.


  1. A delightful early "Christmas present", sir. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    -- Jeff

    1. I keep thinking that one of these would be an extravagance and then my dice go everywhere.

      You may be leading the right way again Sir.