Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Game.

Found some time to continue the 40mm SYW game this weekend , the Allies move up the road as the French Chasseurs move into the houses and open fire on the advancing 20th Foote.
They cause some casualties and the British fire back .
The French Regt. Castellas makes a flanking march as more French move onto the table.
Voltaire's observations are disturbed  by the arrival of a company of the Swiss - he offers the officer refreshments - and advice - one is received better than the other !.
The Swiss deploy , this is their first battle as a complete regiment .
The Jaegers from Scheither's Frei Korp deploy in skirmish order to counter the French attack.
The French Hussars have worked their way around the Allied left flank (after driving off the Allied cavalry) . The Allied Carabineers reform and prepare to engage them again.
Hodge (who has grown a bit since last appearing on this blog) tours the battlefield , rumours that he displays more generalmanship than the author are totally refuted !. Too be continued -if I can decat the table !


  1. An exciting and well presented game (ditto for the cat).

  2. Great looking cat and a splendid game too.Your collection is one to be proud of sir!

  3. The figures and game look great. But now tell me, how is Hodge at dice rolling?

    1. He has a tendency to play football with them and lose them under the table !

  4. Exciting deployment at the beginning - the frontal attack of the British regiment on the mainroad! well chosen, Mosstrooper. Interesting, how the battle develops... I guess, the French are a breath in plus... wait for the 2nd report!

  5. A stirring account and a classic feline visitation!