Sunday 17 June 2012

Wargaming Sacrilege ?.

Been casting up some more 40mm SYW  using Prince August molds and whilst rummaging around my wargaming storage area (that sounds rather grand - actually a bunch of old cardboard boxes ) I came across 3 bags of Old Glory 15mm Napoleonics . I must have had these about 10 years and I think my original plan was to replace my then 15mm army with Old Glory - but as I have sold my 15mm armies I have no use for them, so I thought should I melt them down ?. My wargaming colleague 'A' was somewhat alarmed at this deliberate vandalism of perfectly good figures and I must admit it was a bit strange tipping them into the melting pot , but I rationalised this with the idea that they are finally being used - if in a rather different form . Having broken this taboo I have started scouring my lead mountain for other figures that can be cannibalised . Below some of the fruits of my labours.


  1. There is something rather poignant seeing the doomed figures gradually melt in the ladle perhaps the final part to be liquidised being a head or frantically clutching arm, but metal being the price it is....

  2. It shows you are an efficient general - always use the better manpower to get your targets.
    Don´t feel a guilty conscience. Me too, I melt all the time olg and good figures.
    Impatient to see your next bataillion.

  3. All my spare figures and other metal bits and bobs left over from conversions go into the pot

    My view : "if you're not going to use them, then cast them up into something that you will"

    -- Allan

  4. Anything which reduces the pile of 'Nappies' has to be a good thing!