Sunday, 10 June 2012

First French Company Completed.

Finally got my first batch of French foote done.

This project is going to be a long protracted one , am going to try and build the armies up company by company.

Have got several more molds off EBay and will be casting some of them next . These will be some Hessian (?) grenadiers and some Hussars.

The Du Roi command - Sergeant, Drummer and Officer.


  1. Cracking little company sir, en avant as they may be saying!

  2. Very nice figures and painting. Vive le Roi!

  3. Do you know if anyone is making these for the Boer Wars? I am looking for flats or semi-rounds in 30 or 40 mm.

  4. These are really fine! Marvellously animated - running from Wolfe's men on the heights of Abraham? Now you need a standard.

  5. Hi Chasseur don't know of anybody who does semi-flat Boer War figures , Irregular do some very 'Toy Soldier' looking figures in their 40mm 'Deuch Homage' range which would do for Boer war . AlFront have done a standard for them - see about 3 posts ago . Thanks for the comments - I'm suprised how qick you can cast them up - once you have the hang of things.

  6. K thanks I'll look into Irregular !