Friday, 6 May 2011

Oh Dear !

Been messing around with my new camera and took this photo of my painting tray -
Oh my lord ! - I knew it was a bit messy - but - when I  saw this photo I was shocked ! . It looks like an air crash ! . It's an old Games Workshop painting tray and I have had it about 6+ years now , it's been well used - as you can tell , but it is a disgrace so I must clear it up a bit . Getting rid of all those sample figures which have taken up residence would be a start and all those bits of paper with scribbled notes on them .  Did think of getting a new one, but GW don't do the wooden ones now, having replaced them with a plastic one which don't look as good . So I must Spring Clean , by the way on the table  are the first of a new 42mm Balkans war type army based on Greece , more later .


  1. I'd take a picture of my desk to make you feel better but I haven't the chutzpa.


  2. I've seen worse. In fact I can see worse from here....