Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Standards .

I have just about finished the Saxon Liebgrenadiergarde battalion and quite a task it has been - 48 foot and 1 mounted figure cast up and painted . The next problem was Regimental Standards , I was unable to find any illustrations of them , even the excellent drew a blank , so I hit upon the idea of using the above figures with a folded flag and pinch the design from another Saxon regiment with yellow facings and made it do. I will photo the whole unit for the next post.


  1. A nice clever solution, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nicely done. I've only painted one of these and had a female hound of a job because once I got started, I couldn't make the folds make sense. My hat is off to you on this one.

    1. Yes I have had the same problem with the folds of the flag -there are inaccuracies on them I'm afraid - Tony

  3. Great work on the figs and standards

    Good assumption for the flags - I checked the Saxon Army uniform book by Summerfield, this lists the Leib Gren Garde with same 'colour pattern' flags as per IR3 Prinz Friedrich (although he indicates the Ordinarifahne could be as the Leifhane pattern).

    I have Saxon Flag images which can be coloured as required - if you would like paper flags - bit late now I presume, then let me know
    (E-Mail ----> allan 'dot' tidmarsh 'at' googlemail 'dot' com)

    -- Allan

  4. Good work there old chum. the pose looks well too - those flags are heavy.