Saturday, 23 March 2013

The French Regiment Castellas.

Sorry for the rather poor photos , I normally do my photography in the bathroom (an odd place to do a photo shoot I know, but the light is very good !) but as my wife was using the shower I had to take them on the stair landing (she told me to hoover the carpet first - Hmm didn't do to good a job of that !) .
I have got the final company done and this completes the Swiss Regt. Castellas. This means that I must do an Allied unit to help balance the forces .
I decided to repaint the figures I got of EBay as the grenadier companies of the Hesse-Kassel Regiment 'Leibgarde zu Fuss'.
Have got the first 3 figures done to see how they painted up , they are more 'toy soldier' in form in comparison to the Prince August figures and maybe slightly larger but as they are in a separate unit this won't matter - and after all they are Grenadiers !.


  1. Great regiment to start your post and some super figures at the bottom.I have to say the toy soldier style really appeals to me...

  2. Aaah, Castellas are so splendidly beautiful. Very good arrangement with different figures - and your flags are accurately painted - Brvao!
    The grendiers I know from own experience, they are indeed not as detailed as the PA miniatures. But they look good on a battle diorama, because of their austerity.
    Fine job, Mosstrooper, I like to follow your 40mm adventures!

  3. Fine looking frenchies; nice grenadiers too

    -- Allan

  4. Love the Swiss! My PA grenadiers have faced Meisterzin ones on many a stricken field and found them worthy opponants.

    1. Found them a bit 'odd' to start with but they are growing on me !