Sunday, 7 October 2012

French 'Flying Artillery'.

Tired of having to manhandle their artillery piece about, the French have just received a method of propulsion - I've cast up a limber and horse team for them .

Swiftly the gun is brought into position and deployed !.

Ready to fire !. I am going to try playing a game using the 'Charge' rules by Brig. Peter Young so I have been reading them and have tracked down a rules summary/playsheet on the internet . Though similar to Grant's 'The Wargame' rules I think they will play quicker as they use larger movement distances and are generaly simpler.


  1. a very good looking flying unit! You paint the PA-figures in a very fascinating 3D-style, they look so good! Go on, I will follow..

  2. neat looking artillery, not too much trouble casting the wheels ?

    -- Allan

  3. I found casting the wheels a bit of a problem at times and have drilled through the mold were the spokes are.

  4. Very smart unit! ...and those spokes can be repaired with round toothpicks when they don't cast properly...I've had pretty good success with wheels using round toothpick sections super glued in place before the undercoat. Wheels are always a challenge.

  5. Toothpicks ! never thought of those - very clevers !