Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fruits Of The Morning's Casting - Later.

Starting cleaning up the castings , note size of file - industrial use almost !.

Finished figures , they needed a bit of work with 'greenstuff' around the arms and neck. The heads are from Irregular .

Part 2 of my tasks for today, these are some old hollow cast Lifeguard figures that I  have been collecting over the last year or so . Got them from a collectors fair at the local leisure centre and off EBay , I would guess them to be about 60+ years old at least , probably Britains or copies.

They very in quality this horse has part of its face missing , a couple have broken swords.

A mixed bunch , at least 3 different types.

Repairs to horse , have mounted the smaller figures on extra bases to make them all the same size.

Swords added using pins ( with ends snipped off for safety )

The end results ready for spraying when filler has dried . In some quarters repainting antique figures is a heresy and devalues the figure but these are to be used in wargaming and so will be given a new lease of life when repainted . When I get them painted I will post pictures .


  1. Great work going on- can't wait to see the next stage!

  2. Inspirational, and a good lesson to be learned collecting odd figures over a long period to make a unit.

  3. I believe that according to Kings Regulations, those chaps are entitled to a new coat every four years.

    Consequently, a lick of a paint every 60 years or so, seems almost miserly. Meagre even.

  4. Looking good my friend. ;-)