Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wargaming Musings

I've always considered this time of year to be the end/start of my wargaming year - rather than the 1st January which I  find artificial , so I  have been giving some thought to next years wargaming agenda . My main idea is to finish off projects rather than start new ones - Oh yes all my wargaming colleagues have heard this one before BUT  putting it in print may make me stick to it !. My 42mm Imagination Armies are finished - may add odd figures when and if I  come across them . The 54mm 'Funny Little Wars' need more work - I have sufficient 'Red' army infantry  , but need a few more cavalry figures . The 'Black' army needs quite a few more infantry and lots more cavalry - a lack of casting metal and the fact that it is very cold at the moment in the unheated building I cast in has brought a halt to this project  , defiantly one for the Spring months . My 25mm Napoleonics need finishing , I  have lots of figures to paint  but have not played with them much recently due I  think to not having a set of rules I  am happy with . They were originally bought as an 'Old School' type project and although I  have used them successfully with Black Powder and General De Brigade I  think I have strayed from their original purpose - so I am going to have another look at the Charles Grant Napoleonic rules ( this may mean the purchase of extra command figures  for each battalion). The 28mm ACW  armies are nearly finished with only a couple of units to add plus the odd general etc. The two FOW  WW2 Early Desert War armies are almost done and with the purchase of the odd unit or two in the New Year, will be then finished . Been rummaging around in the draws I  keep my unpainted figures in and have found quite a lot of Games Workshop LOTRs figure that need painting . I  have been a fan of Tolkien's books since a child and was very impressed with Jackson's film interpretation, I painted a lot of the figures when they came out and played lots of games (which were always good fun) but have wandered away from them lately, so I should paint the remaining figures up and start gaming with them as well !.Lurking in the background is my 15mm Peter Laing Crimean War collection , if fully rebased it would be ideal for playing with Black Powder . That's enough to keep me going for quite a while - if I can stick to my plans - Ah the frailty of man !- especially the man who wargames ! Well that's enough rambling for now - my main aim in the New Wargaming Year is to buy less lead and get what I  have already painted  - and used !!!. (watch this space ....)


  1. Good luck with all your projects!

    I agree with you that actually writing down your goals - even if you do not quite achieve all of them - helps one's self-discipline and encourages you to get things done that might otherwise have 'slipped'.

    All the best,


  2. A plan? I suppose it's worth a try!

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