Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pastural Interlude

Although they are at war Ferraro Rocca and Treboria have a common cultural and ethnic background . In the towns and cities people tend to wear modern European fashions , but in the countryside and mountains they still wear their traditional peasant dress  .

The menfolk wear plaid cloaks in bad weather and still use the old fashioned Jaeger muskets , which are cheaper to supply and repair than modern firearms .

Here is a Shepard with his flock of sheep which are the main source of income in the poorer mountain areas .

Unfortunately not only mules are beasts of burden and the woman and children have to work hard.

Goats are kept by the women for milk and cheese and provide extra money in hard times .

There is a small but growing tourist industry and the mountain scenery is popular with the English hikers and artists . ( click on photos to enlarge).


  1. Looks a very nice place to holiday, though I'm struggling to make arrangements on Expedia...

  2. Lovely! Always like to see innocent bystanders.