Tuesday, 6 May 2014

10mm A.W.I. Unit Finished.

I've got the 10mm unit finished that I started painting in the previous posting . I was going to try photographing them outside - but as this photo was taken it started to rain !.

So I retreated to the bathroom were I usually photograph things - strange I know- but trial and error has proved that this is the best room for lighting and the least interference by cats and dog . The unit is the 8th Continental Regt. - Enoch Poor's 2nd New Hampshire . There are 40 figures on 5 bases and I have included a American staff officer in the photo.

2 British staff officers . I think I will be using 'Black Powder' for the rule set and a 'standard' unit will be of 4 or 5 bases and small units 3 bases . 

I also got done a unit of Hand's Pennsylvania Rifles . The figures paint up very quickly once you get the hang of it and is making a change from painting 40mm figures.


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  2. Due to problems with Google not supporting Virgin.net I'm have problems posting on this site - to preserve my sanity I have started up another blog at http://tonystoysoldiers.blogspot.co.uk , If people would like to 'refollow' me to this site I would be most grateful . Cheers Tony

  3. Incredible!! I could not imagine that it is possible to paint so small miniatures - you did it marvelously!

  4. Wonderful little 10mm's. I just ordered two League of Augsburg armies from Pendraken.

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  5. Very nice indeed


    Take care


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