Tuesday, 7 June 2011

First 54mm painted

Got the first of my 54mm Prince August figures painted . I probably should have melted him down and recast him as the quality of the other 4 figures I have subsequently cast is far higher, but being a sentimental old fool I  thought I would let him live as a piece of my wargaming history. 54mm figures have a certain 'presence' that other figures don't (this may just their very size) and I look forward to casting and painting more in the future , however this will be a occasional thing, as I've still lots to do on the 40mm front - not to mention 25mm etc etc .


  1. A very nice figure ... and the first of many, I hope.

    All the best,


  2. Sentimental and fool don't belong in the same sentence, or maybe its juts that "I is one" too. He is a treat with a charm of his own.

  3. He looks a splendid chap - and very well painted! Is that an old Britains plastic sentry box in the photo. I remember having one of those in the '70s.

  4. It is a old Britains sentry box - got it off Ebay and it fits perfectly