Monday, 27 June 2011

The search for the British Envoy (2)

Richard Hannay decides to go it alone and sneaks into cover using the sheep flock as decoy

The Ferraro Roccaian forces are being held up !

The opposing forces move further onto the table looking for clues .

The infantry find themselves confronting one another in a narrow pass 

Another event marker is revealed !  only a goat herd !

The Treborian commander and the Dragoons find another event marker - a  British poet/writer lost whilst looking for inspiration in the wilde (sic) and rugged scenery

The infantry open fire at each other

The cavalry exchange fire and there are casualties - some of them non military !

The Treborian  cavalry charge the the FR cavalry and destroy them and their CinC , the infantry firefight continues with heavy casualties on each side . Richard Hannay can be seen sneaking across the bottom of the photo to check out a marker in the heavy cover nearby.

He finds the marker and it reveals - Sir Morris Oxford and servant ! ( No I didn't cheat ! it was just as the card where drawn !)

Hannay and Sir Morris retreat into the heavy cover and leave the table as the battle comes to a end . The Treborian infantry retreat having suffered heavy casualties . The Ferraro  Roccaian forces retire having lost their CinC and cavalry unit also substantial infantry losses .

 The Envoy is back in British hands - but is he out of danger ?.........

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