Friday, 17 June 2011

Toy Soldiers on parade

Just a couple of quick shots of the first unit of my 54mm 'Red' army , got them done quicker than I expected . Once I got into the swing of things casting wise I turned them out in batches of 3 at a time . Painting also was quick - went for the classic 'toy soldier' look , decided to put them on larger bases to aid stability . Am having a think about the opposing army - was thinking of using the other heads as a basis but have sent away to Irregular who do 54mm figures with separate heads etc for a Germanic 'Picklehelm' to see if I can turn the standard figure into army 'Black' .

The Boresetshire Regiment on parade .

The postman has just delivered a parcel which contains some more 42mm goodies and the above mentioned heads - excellent mail order service from Irregular . Going to play around and see if I can turn out 'The Dreaded Hun' !.


  1. Excellent chaps - a great start!

  2. Lovely stuff, will there be a Loamshire regiment to follow?

  3. I've passed on the link to this entry to Bob Cordery who will be quite interested!