Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Painted Hun

Just a quick aside from the ongoing game - I pushed everything off my painting tray and painted up the 54mm German conversion figure which will form my basis for Army 'Black' - looks okay even though I say it myself ! . Got the uniform details from an excellent site full of strange and wonderful prints from a multitude of nations and periods . One of the other advantages of home casting is THE POWER ! , I started my gaming career 40+ years ago when you sent your Postal Order off ( sounds Dickensian don't it !) and didn't hear or receive your figures from Mini Figs for weeks on end - Greenwood and Ball STILL  owe me figures !,the novelty with cast your own is - you want another 4 figures to paint up you simply go out to the shed and cast some and within half an hour you can be painting them - this I realise is getting a bit creepy and has overtones of Herr Frankenstein so I'll stop now and get back to the laboratory . .

1 comment:

  1. The conversion is very convincing; a nice looking Hun there!

    Keep up the good work.