Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New French Commander

The French have a new commander in the shape of Le Comte De Fru-Fru. here seen being shown the troop positions by the commander of the Regt. De Roi -  Lt.Col.Canonbert . The Comte has been put in charge after the Allies managed to destroy a prized cannon and plans to take the fight to enemy and show them who is boss ! ( Canonbert privately doubts the military abilities of the young C in C ). The Comte is another conversion from the basic pointing mounted command figure . The right arm being cut off and remodelled and the head cut off and refitted the other way around.


  1. Love the conversion, I'm inspired to give some command figures a try.

  2. Your gloss - is well - so glossy. Pray tell me your recipe.


  3. We have Boyes in Ilkley.

    Is there a sign of yellowing with this type of varnish ?

  4. Not so far , been using Yacht varnish for about 5 years now .