Monday, 30 May 2011

Simple conversions

One of the problems with gaming in 40mm is the lack of civilian and personality figures . To help solve this problem I have been scouring Ebay for any figures that might be usable . Above is a selection I have repainted and converted . L to R:-  English tourist -an old Britains hollow cast figure . Politician - strange solid figure , may be O gauge railway figure ?. Ferraro Roccaian Staff officer- old O gauge railway stationmaster .Politician/Statesman- Plastic Scalectrix figure(added beard and coat). Priest - an O gauge railway re-cast model I think (beard and hat added - and a change of religion - originally was R.C.). Richard Hanney British spy- Plastic Scaletrix newspaper seller. Hopefully these figures will be making an apperance in future blogs .


  1. These are some very nice - and unique - conversions. They look like they will fit in well with your other 40mm figures.

    I look forward to seeing them featuring in a future scenario.

    All the best,


  2. These look good. There are some great figures out by Andrew Stadden that you may want to check out. esp the Society ladies & gents. See:


  3. Thanks for the kind comments . Have had a look at the Stadden figures , very impressed with them ! , I have not heard of them before but will be buying some of them soon .